Thursday, August 29, 2013

Remember me?

Oh it's just me, back again.

I know, right?

I'd really like to keep up with this to document my girls' lives, as they are just growing so, so fast. What is that about? They change so constantly that sometimes it's hard to see the difference until you go back and look at pictures from just a few months prior, and you just get taken aback by how they grow. It's totally amazing. 

Check this out. A video, even!

I'm all cute and pathetic with my nasal canula, etc. 

 6 months later and I'm wearing a cowboy hat like it's nobody's business. 

Standing? What? Oh this isn't new, I've been doing this for weeks now, guys. 

Meanwhile, Lily is some how a little kid already. I thought she looked big when Amelia was born, but if you compare now to then, she was totally still a little baby. 

Look at her little baby bob! 

Probably going to college any day now. 

Anyway, we've just been working and living and growing. I about to start working full time again, unfortunately, but we really need to save a significant amount for moving expenses, and Mark's job isn't quite as stable as it once was. Hopefully his book sales will pick up soon once some more reviews come out. He got a really good one today, except they were seriously misguided about the cover. :/

We recently switched the girls to a normal schedule with some semblance of a routine and it definitely makes me feel like a better mom. I probably will see them a little less what with me working nights, but I know it is so much better for them to go to bed at a normal baby bedtime instead of staying up so late with us, and I seriously hope we can keep them on this path. They're sleeping so.much.better.  (knock on wood). Mark is doing well so far staying on a much earlier schedule too, but I do need to stay up a few hours later than everyone due to working nights. It gives me some free time to cook (tonight I made coq au vin and homemade chocolate syrup; last night I made mini broccoli omelets) and clean (haha year right) and finally, finally work on the photobooks that I've been needing to make for about forever! I did Lily's birth book in 2011, but I need to do her 1 and 2 year books still. I'm almost done with Amelia's birth book, and then I can start her 1 year book. I hate the idea of taking thousands and thousands of pictures and then having them fester in folders on my hard drives. I want them to tell help tell stories so they can show them to their friends and/or kids one day.

We really hate summers here with a passion, so we're happy that it's almost September and may even be under 90 degrees sometime will almost be tolerable enough for a quick Disney trip. I'm hoping among hopes that this was our last summer here. We have visions  of mountains and seasons and boots and sweaters dancing in our minds just about every day, and even though the babies keep growing, we almost feel like we're just in a holding pattern here and life is really going to start once we get out to Oregon.