Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fun with Avocado

Yesterday I realized that I had both an avocado and eggs, so I wanted to try something I saw Geoffrey Zakarian do on the Next Iron Chef a while back. His dish wasn't the most well received as I'm pretty sure he was supposed to be making ballpark food, but as our main critic currently eats just about anything in front of her, including paper and lizards, I figured it was time to give it a go. It's actually a quick meal for any time of day.

Put a skillet on mediumish heat and throw in a little butter/olive oil/cooking spray.  Then cut your avocado carefully to get some slices from the center and get rid of the seed.

Place the avocado slices in the skillet and put your egg in the hole, while attempting to not make too much of a mess. I didn't do such a good job at this stage. I scrambled the egg for Lily's avocado as I wanted it to cook evenly. Since I'm cooking it for a baby I didn't add salt or pepper.

Cook it til your egg is done. I was adventurous and flipped them to make sure they cooked all the way through. 

That's it. You can peel the skin off, chop it up and see if your baby approves of your offering.

The seal of baby approval!

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  1. This is so cool! I wish I knew to do something like this when my kids were little. Lily definately likes this; perhaps it's good for grown ups too?