Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fun with my girls

Were hanging out at home the other day before I went to work. Lily randomly picked out a toy car at CVS and was playing with it. Amelia was just enthralled. She is so amazed with her big sister. She is so incredibly determined to grow up and keep up with Lily.  She won't stay a baby for long. :(

Then I came home from work the other day and I get greeted with this:

Scrunched face smiles are the best. 

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  1. Hi Lily!

    I found this blog from an entry you posted in LiveJournal. You were one of my LJ friends. Your children are so adorable! And I admire how you are a registered nurse. Right now, I'm struggling to become an RN too.

    Hope you have a pleasant day, Lily!