Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

I worked Thurs and Friday nights, but I'm now in the middle of four glorious days off to spend with some awesome people.

Last night we went out to dinner with the fam and I drank a whole pitcher of beer. It was pretty great. Mark doesn't drink beer so we never get pitchers, but with my mom and dad a pitcher can become reality.

Yee haw!

The food was really terrible so it's probably a good thing we had a lot of beer. We had a wonderful time at the house afterwards - Lily fed Stephen the dog some yogurt, drew on herself with a Sharpie, danced on the table to "I'm Sexy and I Know It", and took a bath in the kitchen sink (and Amelia got one too).

Amelia woke up early so we got some special one-on-one time this morning.

Puffs are serious business. 

When she took a nap this afternoon, Lily and I ventured to Starbucks and then dropped some stuff at a Goodwill donation station since it had been taking up valuable space in the car for too long. We went to the playground even though it was *9 million degrees*, and had lots of fun swinging and sliding together.

Super cool. 

We went home and picked Amelia up and then went to Baby Target  to get a safe and beautiful Chicco Nextfit for Amelia. Here she is testing it out last month.

It was such a breeze to install! The SuperCinch made the LATCH straps amazingly easy to tighten. I got it in there rock-solid by myself with almost no effort, which was a huge relief considering the circus act that's require to install Lily's seat. At first I was a little weary that it has no rear-facing tether like our old Britax and Lily's current Radian RXT, but it's installed so solidly that there is almost no give when trying to move or lift the back of the seat. The recline feature is very handy and it has a bubble level and printed level lines in case you're not on flat ground when you're putting it in..they really tried to make installing this seat almost-foolproof. The Nextfit fits kids up to 40 pounds/50 inches rear-facing so the plan is for Amelia to ride backwards until she goes off to college, right? Lily is also all set with her Radian to rear-face til approximately the end of time, if mama has anything to say about it!

We'll be hitting the road tomorrow (um, today actually!) to head to Ft. Myers for time with Mark's side of the family so I'm happy she has a comfy, fantastic new seat to ride down there in.

I have almost all the ingredients here to make a key lime cake to take with us...maybe I can get up early to run to the store so it can become a reality!

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